About Us

Simplehealth123 is here to take care of the small things in life so you can get on with living to the full.

We have selected the the best quality products from the most reputable brand names like Age UK and Lille to provide you with a choice which fits every incontinence need.

Once you subscribe to our plan you will receive your order on a monthly basis in discreet packaging to your door without having the hassle of re-ordering.

The simplehealth123 plan will save you time, money and give you peace of mind.

You have total freedom and flexibility – Change or cancel the plan at anytime without fuss – no questions asked – its just a phone call away.

Follow our Simplehealth123 plan today to receive the best quality products every month at the most competitive prices.

Step 1 – Choose Products

Choose your Products, Your Monthly Quantity Requirement and Complete the Subscription Order Form.

Step 2 – Return Order Form

Return the Subscription Order Form to your Carer or to: Simplehealth123, Acacia Avenue, Sherborne, Dorset DT1 3PP.

Step 3 – Receive Products

Sit back with peace of mind knowing your supplies are taken care of every month.